Training on event organization

It may seem a little subjective, but I am almost certain that the second training that was held in the weekend was not just an experience, but THE experience for everyone. The interactive presentations provided an abundance of new information on the topic of event organization, along with various games. Us, volunteers from Covasna, Harghita and Mureș counties, have felt very good throughout the presentations and the comfortable rooms, pleasant surroundings and delicious cuisine at the Urbán Andor Conference Center in Praid, which hosted the mini-event, only added to the amazing time spent there.

On Friday afternoon, after we had registered and moved into our rooms, the coordinators prepared some games to get to know each other, making the atmosphere more relaxed, as we managed to remember a couple of names while meeting new faces. The first “conference” was held before dinner, which provided a solid ground for the realization of our future ideas, as it was our task to develop a project among our small groups. The evening programs also had the purpose of socializing, as we had the opportunity to relax in the hot tubs, join film screenings and board games before the official curfew.

Saturday morning – pleasant tiredness. Perhaps this was the best characteristic for us, without explanation. We attended two further presentations, each with better and better tasks. In the meantime, we have been working on the projects that were to be presented at the end of the day. The training has achieved its purpose, and there have been projects that include the intent and thoughts of young people who want to do so, making the matter more personal and important.

Personalness – I thought. The man himself. Me. You. He or she… You. They… US. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? We only need US, the way we are, with the little that we have… And perhaps the world could become a little bit of a better place and WE could become a little bit more, if only we let it happen… but what? The miracle. THE experience. I am grateful that I could spend this weekend with you, thank you for all the smiles, the laughter and the jokes. Actually, thank you for everything. See you next time! I hope you will be there, too!

#youngcaritas #thankyou

Karola György-Háromszéki, volunteer in Târgu Secuiesc

Translated by Razman Noémi-Katalin