Vibing for Easter in the nursing home

We had our first opportunity to visit the House of Providence Nursing Home in Valea Izvoarelor, a home for the elderly, in November last year. Since then we are still very grateful to our volunteer coordinator, Gyöngyike, who guided us with her body and soul on the path to find our place in this environment.

At first, we were a bit worried of the communication between us and the elderly, and we were afraid of negative feedback. However, to our surprise, the first encounter with them was an absolutely pleasant one. It feels so good to be around them and to feel how much they are waiting for us.

Since then, we have made many memories together: painting nails for the ladies on Women’s Day, drawing and painting together, dancing with those who are open to it, singing and playing games. I could list tons of things I’ve learned from them in these five months, even though we meet once a month, which is not that often.

Our team of ten volunteers is divided into two groups and we usually visit them twice a month on weekends. They always know in advance when we’ll be arriving and they’re always waiting for us with a big smile. Unfortunately, I can’t put into words the love that we feel there, but society doesn’t realize how much soul is in the hearts of the ageing generation.

Last time, in preparation for Easter, we painted red and green eggs, one for each person living there. They were very happy, it was a special feeling for us. Later we got a little nostalgic. Anyone who wanted to share their favorite pastry or Easter memory was eagerly listened to, we were dancing and telling jokes in the meantime. Finally, a fellow volunteer read a lovely Easter story.

My experience is that, since we have been visiting them regularly and holding joint discussion groups, more and more friendships have developed between the people living in the home. In conclusion, I can only say that I am grateful for the moments I spent there and I would like to advise everyone to open up to the ageing generation, because the love they give you is something you can only experience through them.

Written by: Gizella Fancsali, volunteer
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás, volunteer