Volunteers Visited the Attendance and Care Center from Frumoasa

Caritas Alba Iulia’s  Volunteering programe from MiercureaCiuc  donated on 4th of February more than 150 books to the clients of the Attendance and Care Center from Frumoasa.

The books which were donated were collected for the Library of the Hospital, a programe animated by volunteers. The last years’ experience showed that the patients didn’t stay so much in the hospital, so they preferred to read magazines and newspapers, not long books or novels. The volunteers from the Library of the Hospital programme came with the idea to donate those books which were not read to institutes whose clients needed them. Animated by that idea, we searched the director of the Attendance and Care Center from Frumoasa, Pătraşcu János, who was pleased by our idea, because a lot of the clients from the center liked reading. So we gave them with pleasure all the books, and the clients were glad to accept our donation and they asked enthusiastically if we brought them the novels of Jules Verne.

The Library of the Hospital programme has functionated since 2013, and it includes the rare  visits of 3-4 volunteers in the hospital, where they try to make the patient to feel better and comfortable. The work of a volunteer is not only recommanding and lending books and magazines, because in some cases the patient do not need a good lecture: he needs encouraging words and tender smiles. Our purpose is to extend our programme to functionate weekly, and we are waiting new volunteers to help us  and the patients. We are glad to get new books, magazines, crosswords too for our clients.

God bless all that persons who help our programe with books, magazines, encouraging words and volunteering work!

Botházi Renáta, volunteer coordinator from Miercurea Ciuc