We are God’s partners

In Lăzarea and Ghiduț you can expect a lot of activity this week, in between the 3rd-8th of July, as the volunteer camp organized by Caritas Alba Iulia for the twentieth time has begun. The team of nearly 60 young volunteers has come together with the common aim of helping wherever they can, with selflessness and enthusiasm, during the week.

The volunteers who participate aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to work, whether it’s cleaning up a spring, tidying up a park, washing carpets or even cutting wood. On the very first day of the camp, however, those busy hands were kept clean as Monday was still spent getting to know the place and the other volunteers.

The camp was opened with a mass, where the young people who wanted to do something were solemnly welcomed. The mayor of Lăzarea, Ervin Danguly, warmly welcomed the volunteers, acknowledging the work of the organizers and the attitude of the young people, highlighting that “this camp has meaning, significance and importance”.

The main celebrant at the mass was László Nagy, parish priest of Lăzarea, who stressed the exemplary value of altruistic volunteering, which seems to be fading away more and more these days. In this materialistic world, it is rare to find an act of kindness guided by pure love and the will to help, without expecting anything in return or material value.

The mass on the 3rd of July was not only meaningful for the volunteers, but also for the spiritual director of Caritas Alba Iulia, Balázs Sajgó, who was ordained a priest 19 years ago on this day and in this small church in Lăzarea. During the mass, Balázs Sajgó reminded all of the present people that each one of us is an individual, but by cooperating and listening to the other person, we can find partners and become a  partner for someone, too. When this social cooperation is combined with a common goal, the only thing missing from the equation is action. This was also illustrated by the lesson of the mass, that the ambition of the person doing the work is the most important thing, even with all the tools needed to paint a room.

László Ludescher, director of department of Caritas Alba Iulia, also spoke at the mass. He compared volunteering with the feeling of romantic love, because in this case, despite all of the obstacles, one acts with motivation and energy to achieve the object of love. “Volunteers are in fact all in love, in love with a common goal, and in this way they become partners not only with each other but also with God.” László Ludescher urged volunteers to be “partners, collaborators in the creation of the good”.

In such a family-like, good atmosphere, the opening mass was celebrated, followed by dinner and other activities.

The 20th Caritas Volunteer Camp was organized by Caritas Alba Iulia in partnership with the Municipality of Lăzarea and with the support of the Municipalities of Harghita and Covasna Counties. We would also like to thank all the participants and civil associations who supported the camp: End-Ibo, Ditró Bakery, Odorest, Coffee Community “Vekker”, Fapicom, Csíki Csipsz, Arbor Entrepreneurs Association, Smart Safety, Caritas Logistics, Community House Lăzarea, the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Lăzarea, Transylvanian Hungarian Astronomical Association.

Written by: Anita Pintér, Caritas volunteer
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás, Caritas volunteer