Weekend of a team, wishing to create future

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take part and be with a team of young, volunteer, enthusiastic, ready for action, socially responsible and generous soul people to training for volunteer group leaders called Create the future! organized by Caritas Alba Iulia Young Caritas program in Miercurea Ciuc.

We met actively, playful and entertainingly. We have gained knowledge and shared our experiences and worked together, recognizing ourselves and each other and our values ​​, showing some part of our personality.

The activities took place in a very good mood according to my assumption, and the initial anxiety slowly but surely was replaced by smile and laugh. Although knowing each other and the icebreaker games are not my favorites I liked some and I found it interesting, especially those that made me thinking and in which I recognized myself. The group activities also offered interesting experience. It was good to work together while we were all different individuals however the goal was a common one. And to introduce my own point for the goal in the way to meet the I, You and We. The common work will help us to recognize our role, to see our place in different situations, and it helps to pay attention to our mates, to listen and help, and so grasp things together and be effective. My favorite small-group activity it was the bridge construction, even though it’s not gone as smoothly, but in retrospect it was a more instructive. During the different activities I could refresh my knowledge and gain new ones about communication, the Caritas organization, the Young Caritas program, volunteering and group work. At the same time it enriched the self-knowledge and, not least, I have meet dear friends and acquired new ones. It was gratifying experience that with some people we have found common voice.

The above listed special thanks and gratitude to the three trainers who have been able to pass their knowledge that he was not bookish, but rather life taste.

It is worth mentioning and thanks also go to the delicious food also (for my part extra thanks to dessert), without which it would have been difficult to do over these two days.

In a word as same as one of the axioms of communication this weekend is unrepeatable. Thanks to the experience!